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The humble pig has given us some of the best things in life – bacon, pulled pork, pork belly and crackling, and not to mention the pork sausage! The WA Cider & Pork Festival celebrates all things pork by bringing together WA’s most innovative pork chefs and food trucks, the finest pork producers and pork lovers one and all. What more is there to say, but get some pork on your fork!

All of the Pork used at the WA Cider & Pork Festival​ is from ethical free range producers. The chefs and producers here are a compassionate bunch who have committed to producing and serving humane food in their restaurants and cafes, and the WA Cider & Pork Festival​ fully supports this! Enjoy food from the following vendors:

  • Baolicious
  • T Sisters
  • Porkies
  • Tony Romas
  • Chew Chew Truck
  • Quisine
  • Yes Please
  • Hamlet Pork
  • Hoy Pinoy
  • Oishii Modern Japanese
  • Con Pebre
  • Clean Tasty Dirty
  • Karnivore BBQ
Market Stalls
  • OCD Jerky
  • SubZero Gelato
  • Free Donuts
  • Born to Sparkle
  • Chillin’ Out in WA
  • Black & White Coffee Brewers
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